Social Bookmarking is nothing but to share, organize, search and manages of book marks of web resources.  Book marks wants to reference of websites, unlike file sharing, the resources themselves aren't shared, merely bookmarks merely reference them.  I would like to share some features of Social Bookmarking here because it will be very useful for the people who want to know about Social Bookmarking website lists.

Why Bookmarks? Why should we named as Social Bookmarking? Social tagging is the most important role to make very easy to get page rank for your websites.  It may be no follow status but it will be very useful to get traffic to your websites or blogs.  Folksonomy is the another solution for making more keywords as Social Tagging to your websites and you can just create description to this books as in the form of metadata.

Normally, Social bookmarking websites are permitting the people to be added their web links as private but it will be specified by category to reach some group of people.  I would like to share my web links through social bookmarking which is very useful to get good traffic to my website as well as I can get good page rank to my websites or blogs.  I like to share my ideas about Social Bookmarking websites here and you can get real online business solutions through your websites.