I just want to know about DoFollow Social Bookmarking site which is very nice website to make a back link to your website.  Why should we need back links from DoFollow Social bookmark sites?  Because it will be very useful link to get real back link from this site and it is giving results from search engine and NoFollow sites will not give results in search engine but it will be having a back link calculation to your website.

Why DoFollow?  It is integrating the system which is making a good result from all the search engine and you will get real back links through this DoFollow forum DoFllow Blogs and Dofollow social bookmark site.  So you can search DoFollow Sites to make a link for your website.  I hope this blog is planning to give some ideas about DoFollow and NoFollow Social Bookmarking sites which is very useful to made a link for your website.

How to make a link in Digg?  Digg is the nice site and it is having Page Rank 8 so you can get a link from this website which is very useful to make it good back link to your website.  You just register with digg then you can make your link through links page in Digg.com.  So you can get real back link from this sites.  

Delicious Bookmarket site is having Page Rank 7 which is a nofollow site.  If you open this website which is having nice website postings done by the members.  I hope it will be very useful to get real traffic from this nofollow social bookmarking site.  Why should we add our website in social bookmarking sites?  If you do submission with nofollow social bookmarking sites then you will be getting good traffic from them but it may not be listing in the search engines.

What is the work of Social Networking sites?  If you submit your url with this site then it will be listing in the recent social bookmark sites.  You can see all your recent updates in this area which is helping you to get traffic when the people wants to see your website postings in delicious.  I wonder delicious is having nice visitors to get real traffic to your website.

It is very interesting to know about delicious is one of the leading website which is having nice listed in the homepage.  Your bookmarks may be in fresh bookmarks when you post it in first time then it will be listed when it is followed by more members which is called hotlist in this website.  They also listing tags based posting in the home pages.  

Slashdot is the leading Bookmark site which is having PR 8 and it will be giving you the best back links to your website.  You can use to this Book mark site to get real traffic to your websites.  If you want to know more about this website then you just visit this slashdot.org to get more details about it.  You can also submit a story to get real back link to your websites.

Most of the social bookmarking sites are having NoFollow and DoFollow pattern to give back links to your websites.  DoFollow will give the results to the search engine and NoFollow will not give the details to the search engine.  So you should have basic knowledge about DoFollow and NoFollow to get real back links to your websites.

Most of the forum have DoFollow links when you post in the forum but some of them have NoFollow links.  So you can have real ideas to know about it before you made back links to your websites.  I really enjoyed to create back links to my websites when I have time.  You can get back this same system to give more back links to your websites. Thanks

Social Bookmarking is nothing but to share, organize, search and manages of book marks of web resources.  Book marks wants to reference of websites, unlike file sharing, the resources themselves aren't shared, merely bookmarks merely reference them.  I would like to share some features of Social Bookmarking here because it will be very useful for the people who want to know about Social Bookmarking website lists.

Why Bookmarks? Why should we named as Social Bookmarking? Social tagging is the most important role to make very easy to get page rank for your websites.  It may be no follow status but it will be very useful to get traffic to your websites or blogs.  Folksonomy is the another solution for making more keywords as Social Tagging to your websites and you can just create description to this books as in the form of metadata.

Normally, Social bookmarking websites are permitting the people to be added their web links as private but it will be specified by category to reach some group of people.  I would like to share my web links through social bookmarking which is very useful to get good traffic to my website as well as I can get good page rank to my websites or blogs.  I like to share my ideas about Social Bookmarking websites here and you can get real online business solutions through your websites.